Adrien Bitton


Adrien Bitton

Started a PhD in October 2017 with ACIDS, focusing on latent variable models and sound synthesis. Keen on music, besides academia and scientific research... also loves travels, mountains, hula-hoop and cats!





Short Bio

Carrying a 3 year PhD with IRCAM Paris under the supervision of Carlos Agon and Philippe Esling.

Research project and interest inĀ emerging structuration of large sound sample databases with unsupervised/semi-supervised learning models to investigate:
_ unified and adaptative large-scale sound corpus representations
_ interactive processes (query, recommendation ...) with sample libraries
_ generative processes and automated sample modifications such as audio effects, digital sound synthesis
_ computer assisted composition tools
_ texture (re)synthesis and granular/concatenative synthesis

Enthusiastic about all forms of music, sound recording, visual/multimedia/installation art, performance, dance and their possible connections to my scientific research.


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