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Current and active team members

Philippe Esling

Head of the ACIDS team, coordinator and supervisor of the international partnership on orchestration and developer of artificial creative intelligence.

Adrien Bitton

Started a PhD in October 2017 with ACIDS, focusing on latent variable models and sound synthesis. Keen on music, besides academia and scientific research... also loves travels, mountains, hula-hoop and cats!

Tristan Carsault

Tristan is a PhD student within the ACIDS team. The aim of his project is to develop a software that interacts in real-time with a musician by inferring expected structures (e.g. chord progression). He also likes to enjoy music with a fresh glass of pastis.

Léopold Crestel

After a PhD at Ircam, Léopold is now doing a post-doc at Sony CSL. His work focuses on symbolic music generation, and more notably on orchestration, with an emphasis on bringing control to the user.

Axel Chemla--Romeu-Santos

Final year PhD between UNIMI (Italy) and IRCAM (France). BSc in Music & Musicology / Engineering Science, MSc at IRCAM, BFC at INSEAD, first-aid certificate and chocolate medal of ant-dressing Pasadena competition (2 consecutive years). Works on variational audio synthesis, real-time performances, theatre, production, and sonic chaos.

Mathieu Prang

Mathieu started a PhD in 2018 with the ACIDS team. He works on embeddings learning for symbolic music and multimodal orchestral information learning. He loves reggae and dub music as well as water sports (like sailing, surfing, wakeboarding,…)

Constance Douwes

Constance is a first year PhD student at ACIDS and works on musical audio generation using variational and hierarchical learning models. She is also co-funder and resident DJ of the techno music label Esprits Croises.

Mikhaël Gautier

Mikhaël Gautier, better known under the OP9 moniker, is notable for making eclectic forms of Electronic music since the early 90's. Currently learning UX design and frontend development with creative coding in mind.

Théis Bazin

Théis is a PhD student working jointly between the ACIDS team at IRCAM and the Sony CSL lab in Paris. He is interested in interactive Machine Learning and as such developed the NONOTO interface for inpainting-based score generation. He is now working on applying similar ideas to musical sound design.

Collaborators and composers